Infographics. Metrological Museum ROSSTANDART D.I. Mendeleyev, St. Petersburg

It was accomplished within the "Museum Card Petersburg" project and aimed at promoting small museums of St. Petersburg.

The purpose of the project is creating a modern image that can reveal the theme and content of the museum.

The idea is two opposite meanings the measures of "man" (the historical dimension "elbows" and "hands") and measures of "land" (like time zones or meter, which appeared due to the Paris meridian).

The concept – the poster starts with the presentation of the Earth through the science section ("measures of length", "measure of time ..."), then this theme is revealed by comparing current measurements with measures that emerged in Russia prior to the introduction of the metric system (museum also has other countries’ units of measure, but because posters are designed for the Russian audience, it was decided to use Russian units of measurement). The ending of the poster depicts the origins of measurement units and the meanings of their names.

Dots are the main graphic element.  Moiré and guiding lines consist of dots which (also) highlight the key information.

The point here did not appear by accident, it represents the smallest unit in the Russian system of measurements.